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pexels-photo-718975.jpegMany have painted pictures that have been airbrushed, touched up, and altered. We don’t share our testimonies of what we have really been through. The testimony’s of the things that almost took us out, the strongholds that held us in bondage, the secret things that once crippled us. We testify about the pretty stuff. The stuff that makes us look good. Often times in life one looks at the blessings and successes of a person. Some may feast and embellish on the good life. People tend to highlight what looks good. Outside individuals see the arrival of where one is; however, don’t understand the significance of their journey.

We tend nowadays not to testify about the cost of the glory, the cost to getting the blessings. We have no clue of the oil in their of alabaster box, no clue of the suffering, the lessons, tests, the setbacks, and the ugly stuff. We just see the arrival of the individual.
It is interesting that some dismiss the pain, the hurt, disappointments, and instead hide behind an image that is not of God it is of selfish pride which is fleshly. This is why some remain stuck! We fear that someone may see us different and begin to judge us by our life experiences and fail to look at us for who we are or who we shall become in Christ.

Focus on being free not on people. See yourself free!



  1. We are afraid to be vulnerable,
    We think of “it” as a sign weakness,
    Of others taking advantage but
    It’s in our vulnerability that we find our true authentic self. And the real you is stronger than you or others may imagine.

  2. Absolutely love this. Thank you Marie Ruffin for sharing❤️
    It is so important to share the struggle, the pain, the ugly because that was our test. All tests in our lives turn into our testimony. We overcome and we help others overcome when we share. The word of God says, “ We are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony” God bless you and God bless this ministry ❤️

    1. Thank you for visiting. Yes we are overcomers by the blood of the lamb. Our test become our testimonials. Make your day a great one. See yourself better!!

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