The Rose


In my past, I was like a dandelion. I knew my place in the field. I was timid, easily hurt, and tossed apart by a gentle blow of the wind. God transformed me into a powerful rose; one that has finally found inner self-worth, strength, and acceptance. I am valuable to God.

Through the grace of God, I’ve grown in so many areas of my life. No longer am I easily broken. Now, I can endure the storms and rains of life because I’ve learned they’re only present in my world, my pasture, for a season. I have bloomed in the midst of rejection and adversity, and have learned how to apply the principle of prayer. I’ve witnessed its power.

I desire to encourage those who are struggling to overcome the strongholds of the enemy. I aspire to challenge them to apply the very principles that created the victory I now walk in. Through the miracle-working power of God, you can be the very best you. If placed in the right garden, you can also bloom.

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