March 21, 20180

Capacity is the ability to understand what God is trying to do in your life. Capacity is stretching yourself, allowing God to make deposits in your life.

You are unselfish,



a mover,

a shaker, and kingdom minded.

Capacity is seeing  yourself as a treasure? You have purpose and meaning to your life.  Opening yourself to be filled with more of God is priceless.

Have you ever tried to catch a flight on an airplane and they tell you, you can’t catch this flight because we have reached our capacity? The flight is full!
Ask yourself, “Have I reached my capacity?” Am I full? Am I full with greatness, am I full with anointing, am I full with wisdom?  Women we need it.  Lord help us to know when to speak and when to close our mouths. Am I full with hospitality, am I full with the fruits of the spirit? Is there room left to develop my character?  Teach us Lord.


Vicki L. Kemp

Wife, Mother, Evangelist, Author, Teacher, Administrator, Encourager, Founder of Harvest of Hope Educational Service, and an amazing and loyal Friend.

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