You Have Power

Use It!

The enemy is a big bully who does not play fair. In our times of rest and contentment, he will buffet us. He fights hard. He fights to kill. He challenges us daily. Nevertheless, we have the power to speak deliverance to the very thing that has us in bondage. I learned that, for some of us, deliverance does not come easily; it is a process. By fasting, praying, and taking kingdom authority through the Word, we shall overcome.

My friend, God has given us power over things that are not of Him. Use your power to defeat the enemy. Use your power to shut the enemy down. Use your power to declare war against the enemy. Through the word of God, we are greater than the enemy’s plots……. tricks…… or plans.

You are better than yesterday but first you must believe it.

According to your faith be it unto you (Matthew 9:29b).


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