Safe Secure and Settled

August 28, 20180

Proverb Eighteen
Safe, Secure, and Settled

I was ecstatic from the first day I heard your heartbeat. I love you with a love that cannot be described. You were made for me, my darling child. Heaven sent me a special gift that would make me proud and one day grow to call me blessed. I am to be a good steward and handle you with care. God blessed me to be a parent – the best parent, mother, for you. I pray for you all the time, often more than I pray for myself. This world won’t have you; it dare not try, for you are a righteous seed, a royal seed. You are mine.

The Message

Not too long ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. His words were clear as crystal, “You are to be a good steward of your children.” I took those words close to my heart and obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit with conviction. We are blessed with children to look after, cherish, and protect. Love them as you love yourself. Lead them as if their destinies depend on it, for they do. Women, love your children as you love that man. God is watching; therefore, we must carry out the instructions our Father has given us. Hold that child in high esteem; your reward will be great.

Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward (Psalm 127:3).

Parents, praise God for your reward. Praise Him for favor. Foster your heritage. I challenge you to invest in your heritage as God has invested in you. It’s an honor and privilege to keep our children dear in our deeds and words.

Vicki L. Kemp

Wife, Mother, Evangelist, Author, Teacher, Administrator, Encourager, Founder of Harvest of Hope Educational Service, and an amazing and loyal Friend.

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