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January 3, 20200

SilenceIt can be so loud. So much so, it’s intimidating. Silence. Nothing is heard, though it’s oh, so loud causing panic, stress, and assumptions. Someone say something! Address it! Express it! No one knows how. What is this all about? If no one speaks, there is no closure to the very thing that will set one free. Break the silence. 

Have you ever been here? You want to speak, but you can’t find the words to express how you feel genuinely; therefore, you say nothing. Nothing makes the very thing you wanted to bring life to stay in its sunken place. A dead place were there is no progress, no improvement, no life. Why do we allow the enemy to cause us to be quiet? Why do we remain silent? Is it that, you are silent because you fear if you speak, your words will be misunderstood, misjudge, misinterpreted, misread,misconstrued or your words are received in a way that is different from your intention.

You don’t speak, so you pray. You pray that people will receive your heart and the words that flow from it. You speak in love, truth, and peace. 

Have you ever asked yourself how silence nestled in between you and someone you love? Silence can cause a strain in relationships. Silence can cause the gapping whole to enlarge. It happens so seamlessly, so quickly, so silently. Take a moment, get that situation in your mind, get that person in your mind.  Ask yourself a personal question. How did silence creep in and steal the very words with the power to create peace and harmony? How did silence cause confusion? 

The truth is someone stopped talking; someone gave up on trying. Somebody allowed the enemy to creep in and play tricks with their emotions.  Someone allowed the devil to whisper in their ear.  Someone allowed the enemy to buffet them by threatening them to remain silence.  The enemy tricked you by serenading your mind with guilt, shame and regret.  The enemy tricked you by allowing you to hold on to unforgiveness for you feel justified to hold on. Because what happened to you was real, painful and hurtful. I get but our great God wants us to speak up in order to root those heart issues our your heart. Our great God wants you to break the silence and open up your mouth and make a sound declaring you are not a push over.  Declaring that you have a right to speak.  Declaring that you have authority in the earth to open up your mouth and speak your truth.  However, speak your truth to the devil, tell him that you will not remain a hostage to his designs, strongholds, antics, strategies and games.  

Listen, listen, people of God, God has given you a voice. Don’t you dare allow the enemy to steal it! I am sure many of us have been in positions and situations where our words had the potential to set someone free. Did you speak?

Vicki L. Kemp

Wife, Mother, Evangelist, Author, Teacher, Administrator, Encourager, Founder of Harvest of Hope Educational Service, and an amazing and loyal Friend.

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