I See My Purpose!

February 11, 20231

Bitterness, negativity, insecurities, anger, and unresolved issues can become your prison leaving you in a false reality that is crafted by the Enemy himself. As a result, many fail to realize the power of God’s grace.

Grace is the strength bestowed on us when we are bleeding, broken, confused, torn, and done with trying to figure out the part of life that makes no sense. Let us all admit we have experienced dark, bleak, and difficult life experiences that don’t make sense. You feel as if you are in a sea, an ocean with clusters of seaweed and rubbish, mangled in the rocks and repeatedly hit by the high tides of muddy water. Life itself has a way of provoking you to quit trying to be the person you always dreamed of becoming. Or it can discourage you from trying to live a life of peace and harmony. However, grace is the friend that gives you the strength to rise and move forward. Admittedly, moving forward can be scary. Why? We fear any fall or disappointment ahead may be worse than the last time. Moving past the very thing that caused you to be stuck in the first place can be intimidating.

I heard someone say they have been through so much that anger and bitterness make them feel strong. They take all their painful emotions and transform them into an engine that keeps them moving. Is this thought process one you should adopt? No. It is a lie. Deception! See, the Enemy grooms us by planting little destructive suggestions in our minds. He does this with the intention of driving us into a deeper sense of confusion, which will ultimately cause us to lose everything. Do not let the wrong narratives fuel your mind. Do not allow your life to be powered by negative energy. You must take all the cycles of negativity and channel them to a place of healthy growth. It is vitally important to find the right channels that let you take a deep, honest look within and dig out all the junk, which is dormant, masked, hidden, and sealed by pain and insecurity. Unseal it; take the lid off, and expose everything in your life that keeps you buried in the depths of shame.

A friend once told me, “Shame will make you walk around with an invisible billboard attached to you. You feel it and you assume that others see it and know your story.” Shame is a tool the Enemy uses to keep us from seeing our purpose.

~ Vicki L Kemp 🖊️

Vicki L. Kemp

Wife, Mother, Evangelist, Author, Teacher, Administrator, Encourager, Founder of Harvest of Hope Educational Service, and an amazing and loyal Friend.

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