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 I would like to hear your story compared to this picture.  We come from different places in life but somewhere down the road we have things in common.  Take a moment to view this picture, and how does it relate to you?   Perception is how we view life and at times we find ourselves needing to adjust our lenses.


  1. This is the place of peace. The place where I come to regroup. A place to escape the busyness of life. It is this place where I hear clearly from God and receive direction. Hard decisions are made here. Strategies are devised here. This also the place where I can cry, cleanse; a place of vulnerability. A place where I can admit & confront my own insecurities; a place of admission and submission. So much happens here. I become a better me here 🙂

    1. Your perception is so real! Thank you for sharing your truth. Peace is a sweet friend you miss when its away. May your day better than yesterday! Thank you for visiting. Please share.

  2. At first glance she seems to be lonely, than with further observation she seems to be taking in a beautiful quiet morning in the sun.

  3. I. WAS. HER.

    Tired, lonely and scared to take hold of life, and the beautiful scenery that could become of it. My life was dark. It was daytime, but all I could do was dream of better days. I lived in a box. Frightened enough to stay in, but silently screaming to come out. Do you see me? Can you see this grown woman of a little girl whose heart is shattered, yet wants to love like she’s never been hurt? Hmmmm… Or maybe I just need to see me. Yeah, that’s it. If I see me, admit my struggles, hang up my habits, release my pain, push past my heartache… Growth has no choice but to do just that… Grow!!! My limits are no longer at arm’s length. I can’t touch them. They don’t see me because when I feel I’ve gone the distance, and can’t move any further, Holy Spirit whispers, “Keep going, daughter. I’m still working. I’m not done.” There’s a strength that comes from those words of wisdom and love. So, yes…. I. WAS. HER.

    1. Your truth is simple bold and strong. Your perception will set you free. You sharing your truth caused you to take a mask off. I see a bold young lady desiring to be better than her yesterday. I read this post like I was reading a powerful book. Growth! Girlpower! Strenght! The Holy Spirit whispers… yes so sweet and comforting.

    2. Wow!!!!! So powerful!!! The ability to see yourself as where you were and where you are now is amazing. What a testimony if how God will DESTROY YOKES, IF we allow Him in. Keep growing. Keep sharing. Keep living from a place of freedom. Declare over yourself “I will NEVER be bound again!”

      1. Faith moves us forward. Thank you Jesus for yoke destroying power.

  4. She’s been through so many things in life. She needed some peace time to sit, think and reevaluate her life. She’s surrounded by life and water with understanding that she must move on. Realizing that everything she went through served a purpose in her life. Thanking God and knowing she will be ok.

    1. That re-evaluate is priceless. It’s a must. All that we go through serves a purpose in order that we grow stronger bigger and better.

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