God’s Peace

Peace. My stabilizer. Without God’s peace, many would go crazy. I know I would. Have you ever been in a situation that led you to cry out to the Lord for peace of mind? Have you ever said to yourself, “If I could just get a little peace in this situation, I’d be OK”? What does it mean to truly be at peace? You’ve totally surrendered all worries, concerns, pain, and discomfort when you receive the peace that only God can give. You have given it all to the One in control.
Without peace, there is no way we can make it. No, we might make it, but how would the road to “making it” be? Life would be complicated – even more so than it is now. We’ve all been there. Life presents a
multitude of tests (some harder than others) to face, conquer, and defeat. Without God’s peace, our minds would be overloaded with unrest. Peace is a sweet friend – the type of friend you miss when he/she is away. Peace is the type of friend only found through Jesus. “What a friend we have in Jesus.” Do you remember that old, sweet hymn sung by grandmothers and grandfathers?
I’ve worked in social services for many years. Many times, I’ve walked the halls of mental health units witnessing people – young and old – frantic, dazed, paranoid, and in the midst of delusions. Sometimes, they were so out of it that they disregarded everyone, even those trying to help them, as a threat to their safety. They were in survival mode and fighting (physically and sometimes emotionally) was their outlet. They would withdraw and become guarded. Mentally, they were completely removed from their surroundings. No peace. In isolation
– a famous design of the enemy. Without peace, our minds are vulnerable to the enemy’s tactics.


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