The Writing Lab Produces Great Results

What a powerful night of creative writing and expression at the writing lab with myself host, Vicki L Kemp! Stay tune for upcoming labs in the near future.

Thank you to Author, Anu Hernandez for the following shout out of last nights experience.

“Create because you are the human representation of your creator. Commune because each one of us carries something needed by the other. ⁣

Thank you to each one of these wonderful and heroic women who have encouraged me to pursue creativity without apology. And thank you to this amazing community that I live in. ⁣

@ladyvickilkemp you are a blessing to so many including myself. @a_bnaturals your business brings beauty to this world @bakoboards thank you for the delicious food.⁣

If you’d like to receive coaching and consulting services from the amazing Vicki Kemp, please reach out to her at”

Follow Author Anu here And check out her latest book!

I appreciate the acknowledgments and expressions from your heart ❤️

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